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Trade Details
The Buffalo Sabres acquired defenseman Josh Gorges from the Montreal Canadiens for a second-round draft pick in 2016.
What does it give the Buffalo Sabres?
The Sabres need veterans to build around their youth, and they landed a great leader in Gorges. He will help the young defensemen on the team and help replace the departed Ehrhoff with big minutes (mostly in defensive situations, though). It's a good pickup for the Sabres because they are far less concerned with Gorges' $3.9 million cap hit than Montreal was. Also, the draft pick is only in 2016, and the Sabres are hoping to be much better by then.
What does it give the Montreal Canadiens?
The Habs are taking one of their best leaders out of their dressing room to save cap space here. That's basically what this deal comes down to for them. With the pending signing of restricted free agent Subban the Habs needed to create room in their cap structure. They signed veteran Gilbert for $1.1 million less than Gorges, so this is all part of the same equation for Montreal. The second rounder will help, but that's down the road.
Fantasy Impact
Gorges is not an offensive-minded defenseman, and he now heads to a rebuilding squad. Therefore, he has no fantasy value to speak of. Gilbert has a bit more now that he replaces Gorges in Montreal, but not a huge amount.
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