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Follow Your Favorites to the Future!

What's New The steady SpoFo Revolution continues with several noteworthy changes:

Our redesigned homepage focuses precisely on the teams and players you care about. Any reader who logs in -- whether with a free Basic or inexpensive Pro Membership -- gets stats and news for recent and upcoming games, organized by their own Favorites Groups. So if you haven't done so already, register and log in today!

Past, Present… and Future

For our SpoFo Pro Members, we'll soon deploy NHL game-by-game stats predictions for all players, for all games of the forthcoming season. Our forecasts get revised daily.

Back in SpoFo Labs, we're refining our forecasting methodology for the other top pro leagues as well.

And what about the magazine?!

Our editors are busy with the 2022-23 edition of our popular NHL Preview & Fantasy Guide. This August, you can expect the same great stats and insights and analysis that's made our magazine "The Essential Hockey Yearbook" for over 25 years…. but this year:

  • It's all digital! - print out whichever toner-friendly pages you'd like, or read it online or on-the-go.
  • It's all free! Every registered SpoFo member (whether Basic or Pro) gets access to our magazine, and to spreadsheets of our cheatsheets.

When you log into, you also have access to our annual magazines from the past seven years… with more coming online soon.

Give us your feedback!

Drop us an email at support {at} sportsforecaster {dot} com… we'd love to hear from you!

Updated Thursday, July 21, 2022