Sun, May 2, 2021 at 12:01pm


The Milwaukee Brewers acquired catcher Jacob Notthingham from the Seattle Mariners for cash.

What does it give the Milwaukee Brewers
The Brewers designated Nottingham for assignment a few weeks ago and was claimed on waivers by Seattle. Then, Milwaukee lost both Manny Pina and Omar Narvaez to injury, so they decided to bring Nottingham back into the fold for some cash. They obviously feel comfortable with him, since he knows the pitching staff.

What does it give the Seattle Mariners
The Mariners did Milwaukee a solid here, since they could have kept Nottingham as catching depth and insurance. Instead, they opted to send him back to Milwaukee for some cash. Sometimes, general managers in professional sports make moves designed to help others (so that perhaps others may help them down the road).

Fantasy impact
In the short term, Nottingham might have some value in deep leagues as long as Narvaez and Pina are injured. However, he is not a long-term fantasy catching answer.

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