Sat, Jul 3, 2021 at 3:00pm


The Miami Marlins acquired pitcher David Hess from the Tampa Bay Rays for pitcher Justin Sterner and cash.

What does it give the Miami Marlins
Hess, who turns 28 this month, has some big-league experience and might be able to help Miami's injury-riddled pitching staff in 2021. Do not expect him to play a major role out of the bullpen, however.

What does it give the Tampa Bay Rays
Sterner turns 25 in August but has yet to make his debut in Major League Baseball. He has landed with the right organization, however--Tampa Bay is good at turning marginal prospects into decent production.

Fantasy impact
There is no fantasy impact here, as both Hess and Sterner are mediocre (at best) fantasy pitchers.

Player focus

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