Wed, Jul 28, 2021 at 1:15am


The Seattle Mariners acquired pitcher Tyler Anderson from the Pittsburgh Pirates for catcher Carter Bins Gutierrez and pitcher Joaquin Tejada.

What does it give the Seattle Mariners
Anderson was supposed to go to Philadelphia but that deal fell through, so the Mariners swooped in and got a deal done with the Pirates. Anderson will add another solid left-handed starter for Seattle's rotation.

What does it give the Pittsburgh Pirates
The Bucs wanted a pitching prospect and a catching prospect from Philly, so that is what Seattle gave up in this deal. Bins needs to prove he can hit in order to reach MLB, while Tejada is a long-range prospect.

Fantasy impact
Anderson's stock remains the same moving from Pittsburgh to Seattle, so pick him up if you were always planning to. Neither Bins nor Tejada are currently on the fantasy radar.