Sat, Dec 12, 2015 at 11:42am


The Philadelphia Phillies acquired pitcher Charlie Morton from the Pittsburgh Pirates for pitcher David Whitehead.

What does it give the Philadelphia Phillies
This trade gives Philadelphia another solid starter capable of eating up quality innings (something the Phillies desperately need). Even though Philly is completely rebuilding, they still need a few veterans so Morton should play a prominent role.

What does it give the Pittsburgh Pirates
The Pirates dealt one of their starters here likely to save money for their player payroll (with visions of landing a superior starting pitcher via free agency). Therefore, they accepted a midling prospect like Whitehead in exchange for Morton.

Fantasy impact
Morton's fantasy value was already negligible, but it may now very well disappear toiling for a bottom-feeding club like Philadelphia. As for Whitehead, it will be a few years before he even reaches the fantasy radar.

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