Thu, Mar 14, 2024 at 4:25pm


The Seattle Seahawks acquired quarterback Sam Howell, a fourth-round draft pick in 2024 (No. 102 overall) and a sixth-round draft pick in 2024 (No. 179 overall) from the Washington Commanders for a third-round draft pick in 2024 (No. 78 overall) and a fifth-round draft pick in 2024 (No. 152 overall).

What does it give the Seattle Seahawks
In Howell, the Seahawks land a quarterback who earned the starting gig in Washington last season. It was a mixed bag in 2024, but that experience should help him moving forward. Look for Howell to back up Geno Smith this season, and he could be an option to become the team's starter down the road.

What does it give the Washington Commanders
The Commanders have a new regime of GM Adam Peters and head coach Dan Quinn, so they want a fresh start across the board. Veteran QB Marcus Mariota was signed as a free agent, and he is expected to compete with a rookie quarterback for the starting job in Washington. The team holds the No. 2 pick.

Fantasy impact
Howell is a pretty decent fantasy handcuff option for most Smith owners. Beyond that, there are question marks. Is he worth drafting in 2024 as a long-range keeper? The jury is still out.

Player focus

Seattle Seahawks

Sam Howell QB

Draft pick - Round 4(102) in 2024

Draft pick - Round 6(179) in 2024

Washington Commanders

Draft pick - Round 3(78) in 2024

Draft pick - Round 5(152) in 2024