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NHL Pre-Season Forecasts... now updated all year round!

What's New We're excited to commemorate Stanley Cup champion Nathan MacKinnon's birthday today by featuring him on the cover of our annual NHL Preview & Fantasy Guide! Both MacKinnon and our magazine were born prior to the 1995-96 season. His Avs won the Cup that year too, although MacKinnon was a bit young to enjoy that historic playoff run.

After 2+ decades of printing our magazine, we've now made a transition to digital-only distrubution. We've tried to make the 150 pages of this year's edition home-printer-friendly, and the PDF and online cheat sheets are free for all those who register at this site (even at our free "Basic Member" tier).

For those readers who do opt to become Pro Members, we've just launched our player-by-player / game-by-game NHL forecasts. And we're hard at work building out a similar set of features for the other sports leagues we cover. We thank our Pro Members for significantly supporting our full-time editorial and tech staff!

A great place to start experiencing these forecasts is our Nathan MacKinnon Profile Page... just click the "Game Forecasts" tab!

Once the NHL season starts up on October 7, you'll be able to track the recent performance of all your favorite players right on our SpoFo home page... plus immediately see what we predict for each player during their upcoming games.

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Updated Thursday, September 1, 2022