Fri, Oct 6, 2023 at 10:49am


The Miami Dolphins acquired wide receiver Chase Claypool and a seventh-round draft pick in 2025 from the Chicago Bears for a sixth-round draft pick in 2025.

What does it give the Miami Dolphins
Claypool joins Miami's vaunted offense and stellar wide receiver room. There could not be a better landing spot for him. He could emerge as the Dolphins' No. 3 wide receiver at some point this season. It is put up or shut up time for the talented Claypool.

What does it give the Chicago Bears
The Bears needed to part ways with Claypool, who had become a distraction in a locker room littered with issues this season. The Bears never got much out of the former Pittsburgh Steeler, so moving on from him was the right move for all concerned.

Fantasy impact
Claypool has more value in Miami than he would have had in Chicago, but he remains a risky fantasy option in 2023. Keep an eye on him, but only fantasy teams desperate for wide receiver help should pick him up at this time.

Player focus

Miami Dolphins

Chase Claypool WR

Draft pick - Round 7 in 2025

Chicago Bears

Draft pick - Round 6 in 2025