Thu, Mar 28, 2013 at 1:56am


The Pittsburgh Penguins acquired winger Jarome Iginla from the Calgary Flames for wingers Ben Hanowski and Kenny Agostino, plus a first-round draft pick in 2013.

What does it give the Pittsburgh Penguins
It appeared that the Boston Bruins were landing Iginla, but the Penguins wound up with the former Flames captain at the 11th hour. Clearly, Pittsburgh is all in this season. With Iginla, they now have unparalleled depth up front. Expect him to play next to former Canadian Olympic linemate {P Sidney Crosby}, with either {P Chris Kunitz} or {P Pascal Dupuis} on left wing. This move allows Pittsburgh to upgrade their bottom six forwards as well, with wingers moving down the pecking order. Lastly, Iginla has size and the ability to step in as protection for Crosby if things get rough on the ice. In a word, he's the perfect complement for 'Sid the Kid'. With Iginla now in the lineup, anything but a Stanley Cup will be considered a disappointment in the 'Steel City'.

What does it give the Calgary Flames
The Flames are officially rebuilding now after sending their best player in franchise history to the Penguins. In return, the Flames get two solid college wingers in Agostino and Hanowski, plus a first rounder this June. Agostino is a very good skater with a lot of offensive and two-way acumen. Hanowski has more goal-scoring potential than Agostino, but he is a less quality skater. He does bring decent size. Calgary assistant coach John Weisbrod is quite familiar with NCAA hockey, so he probably had a lot of input in landing Hanowski and Agostino. For the Flames, though, the first rounder may end up being the key to this trade. After all, 2013 figures to be a very deep draft. While the Flames don't appear to be winners here, there is still a chance that Iginla may end up re-signing with Calgary in July. Let the rebuilding commence.

Fantasy impact
There isn't much time left in the fantasy hockey season, but Iginla's fantasy value just skyrocketed. After all, he will line up next to Crosby (the NHL's leading scorer). The loser fantasy-wise may be Dupuis if he is demoted to the third line. Kunitz may move from Crosby's line to {P Evgeni Malkin}'s line, so his value should remain intact. As for Agostino and Hanowski, they likely will get a much better shot at reaching the NHL as Flames. So they have increased keeper-league value.

Player focus

Pittsburgh Penguins

Jarome Iginla RW

Calgary Flames

a first-round draft pick in 2013

Kenny Agostino LW

Ben Hanowski LW/RW