Tue, Apr 2, 2013 at 3:10pm


The Washington Capitals acquired winger Dane Byers from the Edmonton Oilers for defenseman Garrett Stafford.

What does it give the Washington Capitals
Byers is a tough guy with a little NHL experience, so he might become useful for a Capitals team that has some size and team toughness but lacks a true heavyweight enforcer. Usually, defenseman {P John Erskine} is their top policeman but he's currently injured. So, Byers may get a shot at NHL duty with Washington.

What does it give the Edmonton Oilers
Stafford will provide Edmonton with a little bit of depth on defense, but he is most likely to remain at the American Hockey League level (unless the Oilers become ravaged with injuries down the stretch). He is a serviceable veteran. Byers was deemed expendable, despite Edmonton's lack of a true enforcer.

Fantasy impact
Neither Byers nor Stafford will be regulars at the NHL level, so their fantasy impact will be negligible across the board.

Player focus

Washington Capitals

Dane Byers LW

Edmonton Oilers

Garrett Stafford D