Wed, Jun 25, 2014 at 10:00am


The Edmonton Oilers acquired defenseman Nikita Nikitin from the Columbus Blue Jackets for a fifth-round draft pick in 2014.

What does it give the Edmonton Oilers
The Oilers were proactive in asking for (and receiving) permission to speak to pending UFA Nikitin before July 1. Columbus granted them permission and a deal was struck. The Oil are gambling a bit here because of the two-year, $9 million contract they're giving the 28-year-old Russian defenseman. Having said that, Edmonton is desperate to add any legitimate help for their blueline, so they did well to shore that up (at least).

What does it give the Columbus Blue Jackets
The Blue Jackets made a no-risk move here because they were going to let Nikitin walk on July 1 anyway. Instead, they get back the fifth-round pick they had previously sent to Edmonton in the {P Nick Schultz} trade. Whenever a team can reacquire a pick they traded away for a rental player, it's a good thing. Columbus has plenty of defensive depth that they won't miss either Nikitin or Schultz (should the latter walk on July 1 too, as espected).

Fantasy impact
There isn't a lot of fantasy value to discuss, here. If Nikitin pans out as the Oilers hope, he'll be a solid stay-at-home presence for their youthful fellow blueliners. He'll pick up secondary assists along the way but isn't a strong fantasy option.

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