Mon, Nov 23, 2009 at 5:00pm


The Minnesota Wild acquired winger Guillaume Latendresse from the Montreal Canadiens for forward Benoit Pouliot.

What does it give the Minnesota Wild
Latendresse has played more and produced more at the NHL level than Pouliot, but both have been questioned for their conditioning and dedication to hockey. Since Pouliot was currently injured, Latendresse may be able to make a quicker impression on his new team--though he will have to deal with visa issues.

What does it give the Montreal Canadiens
Pouliot is a quicker big forward than Latendresse, which is probably a better fit under Habs coach Jacques Martin. Pouliot can play either wing or center, so he adds a little more versatility to the equation. He's been a gross underachiever since being picked fourth overall in 2005, but Pouliot should get an opportunity here.

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